Johnny Lightning Work in Progress Fright Night Mustang

1966 Ford Mustang Fastback is the car that Charley Brewster drove in the original Fright Night. In real life, the car belonged to writer/director Tom Holland, who lost it in a car crash a few years after the film was made.

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A replica of Charley's partially-painted 1966 Ford Mustang was first released unofficially as a prototype by Tomy as part of the Johnny Lightning, Work In Progress series in 2012.[1]

In 2013, official licensing was obtained and it was released by Greenlight Collectibles as part of their GreenLight 10-Car Collector Case, alongside a seemingly-random assortment of replicas of vehicles from productions including Bewitched, Footloose, Smoky and the Bandit Part II, Catch Me If You Can and NCIS.[2]



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