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The following are noted differences between the original 1985 film Fright Night, and the 2011 remake of the same name.



1985 2011

The story takes place in 1985 with the clothing, vehicles, props, and pop-culture references all reflecting what was then the current setting of the mid 1980s.

Rather than recreating the mid 1980s scenery of the original story, this one is set in the production-current 2010. It takes place in Las Vegas.

Charley Brewster, a horror-obsessed teen and fan of late-night TV host Peter Vincent, discovers that new neighborhood arrival Jerry Dandridge is a vampire, and attempts to convince his disbelieving friend "Evil Ed" Thompson.

"Evil Ed" Lee , a horror-obsessed teen and fan of Las Vegas magician Peter Vincent, discovers that new neighborhood arrival Jerry Dandridge is a vampire, and attempts to convince his disbelieving friend Charley Brewster.

Jerry is guarded and served by a human ghoul, Billy Cole, who is eventually destroyed.

Billy does not make an appearance in the new version. It can be speculated that he was cut so as to emphasize Jerry's lethal resourcefulness and ability to survive.

After being turned into a vampire, Evil Ed attacks Peter Vincent on two occasions. The second time, he is staked by Vincent, who then removes the stake after Evil seemingly dies. At the film's end, however, a pair of glowing red eyes are seen outside Charley's window, accompanied by Evil's catch-phrase, "Oh, you're so cool, Brewster!", however it is confirmed he is truly dead in the sequel.

Evil's end is at Charley's hands in the remake, after he visits and attacks Vincent for the first time. After a brutal fight, Charley stakes him, definitively destroying Evil, who tells Charley in his last moments, "It's okay, Charley."

The vampires are capable of animalian shape-shifting; Evil Ed becomes a wolf to attack Peter Vincent, and Jerry transforms into a bat at one stage to escape.

The vampires cannot shape-shift.

The Vampires could control and turn into mist.

Vampires are not seen turning into mist as they can't shapeshift, it can be assumed they can't become fog.

Jerry is a likable, charming and charismatic man who is happens to be a vampire and is somewhat merciful and forgiving as he gives Charley a warning, saying: "I'm going to give you something I don't have: a choice." Due to his vampiric nature, he is forced to kill to survive. Jerry is over a thousand years old.

Jerry here is more bestial and aggressive, he is sadistic as he kills his victims slowly. According to Peter Vincent, this is because of the feeding method of the tribe from which he comes from. Jerry is over four hundred years old and has a much more evil and threatening presence.