Alex Young
Alex Young
Vital statistics
Role Heroine
Gender Female
Age 18-19
Race Human
Appearances Fright Night II
Played by Traci Lind
Alexandra Young is the girlfriend of Charley Brewster.


Alex Young is Charley Brewster's college girlfriend in the sequel to Fright Night. Since Charley was still in high school during the events of the first film it is unknown what took place during the transitionary time period or why he and Amy Peterson broke up. Regardless, Alex is an affectionate and loving girlfriend who seems to genuinely care for Charley despite his apparent delusions and fantasies regarding vampires. She is a highly intelligent young woman who is majoring in psychology. She is very supportive of Charley's psychological recovery and even encourages his continued friendship with the ever-vigilant Peter Vincent who they now both believe to be suffering from the same delusional psychosis from which Charley has apparently recovered.



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