Billy Cole
Vital statistics
Role Slave/servant
Gender Male
Age 31
Race zombie
Appearances Fright Night
Played by Jonathan Stark
Billy Cole was Jerry Dandrige's live-in carpenter and daylight protector. He was the secondary antagonist of Fright Night.


Vampire's thrallEdit

Billy Cole is Jerry Dandridge's bodyguard who is defending Dandridge's true nature when Charley led the police to where the murder of a young girl who came in for a visit with Jerry and even trying to keep Charley from finding out the vampire's identity, and also helping Jerry with getting rid of the bodies of the victims he murders. He was originally thought to be human as he walks in the daylight, however he survives numerous gunshot wounds even to the head. He is killed when Charley impales him in the heart with a white piece of wood, which causes him to melt into a glop of green goo and dust.

Personality and traitsEdit

Not much is known about Billy other than what is seen onscreen, in that he is fiercely protective of Jerry and seems to be genuine friends with him.

Background Information and NotesEdit


  • "Jer! They're here!"


  • Many people believe that Billy is actually a zombie or a ghoul, a creature that has been partially changed from human into a supernatural creature, having powers similar to vampires such as strength and resistance to mortal injury and death but lacking most vampire's weaknesses bar a stake to the heart.



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