Charley Brewster
Fright Night 1985 William Ragsdale Stake
Vital statistics
Role Protagonist
Gender Male
Age 17 (Fright Night) (1985)

20 (Fright Night Part 2) (1988)

Race Human
Appearances Fright Night
Played by William Ragsdale

Charles Alan Brewster is the main protagonist in Fright Night and Fright Night Part 2. In the comics he hunts vampires and various other creatures of the night with washed up horror film actor Peter Vincent.


Growing up in suburbiaEdit

Brewster was raised by his single working mother Judy in Rancho Corvalis, Iowa. Later he enrolled in Christopher L. Cushing High School and began dating Amy Peterson.

Vampire next doorEdit

Charley had a very active imagination and was a huge fan of monster and horror films while in high school. When he discovered that his new neighbor Jerry Dandridge was a vampire, nobody believed him.

Charley eventually turned to Peter Vincent, a has-been actor who used to star as a vampire hunter. When Charley asked Peter for help, the actor dismissed the boy as insane. Soon after, Amy and Evil enlisted the help of Peter to prove to Charley that Jerry is not really a vampire, but Peter discovered that Charley was right all along when he noticed Jerry's lack of a reflection. Subsequently, Jerry turned into a vampire and kidnapped Amy.

College yearsEdit

Charley later broke up with Amy and began dating Alex Young in college. He also started seeing psychologist Harrison and ceased to believe in vampires. This proved troublesome when Regine Dandridge emerged, seeking revenge.

Continuing adventuresEdit

Peter and Charley continue to combat various supernatural threats not just limited to vampires.

Personality and traitsEdit


Charley was devoted to his mother and was close with his girlfriend Amy Peterson and best friend "Evil" Ed Thompson.

Background Information and NotesEdit


  • [after Evil Ed fails to listen to Charley's warning] "No vampire's gonna want him anyway. Probably give him blood poisoning."
  • [after Evil Ed tricks him] Your gonna get yours someday.



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