"Is this 99 Oak?"

~Cheryl to Charley~

Cheryl Lane
Heidi Sorenson - Fright Night 1985
Teasing Charley Brewster
Vital statistics
Role victim
Gender Female
Age 26
Race Human
Appearances Fright Night
Played by Heidi Sorenson

Cheryl Lane was a prostitute who was murdered by Jerry Dandrige.


Charley Brewster spotted the hooker while walking home from school. He was delighted to see such a bodacious woman in a lewd outfit strutting down his street. After observing her buttocks, he took note that she was entering the mysterious Dandrige residence. Later, Charley hears a bloodcurdling scream coming from the Dandridge house.

The following day, Charley sees a news report with her photo which reveals that the "known prostitute" had been found dead.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • Cheryl Lane is the only minor character from Fright Night to appear in the video game adaptation.
  • A character called Doris is used in a similar way in the remake. The character seems to be a combination of the hooker and teenage victim from the original. Charley is shown staring at her glutes while walking home early in the film. Later she is seen wearing a turquoise dress while falling victim to Jerry Dandrige. Doris also has blonde hair and is described as a "stripper" by Amy Peterson.



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