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Clayguy Figurines are sculptures of characters from movies and television by artist Barry Crawford.


Clayguy is artist Barry Crawford, who sculpts caricature figurines of characters from films and television, with his forte being horror movies. The baby boomer grew up with the Aurora monster model kits of the '60s and, while managing a video store in 1989, he decided to rekindle his love of those models by sculpting some himself. Friends and family were enamored with his creations, so he began selling them in 1992. In the years since, Crawford has been hawking his wares online and he's traveled to hundreds of conventions around the United States to sell resin casts, which tend to draw crowds of grinning onlookers.

Fright Night Figurines[]

Currently there are only two Fright Night figurines available, but Crawford adds new sculptures to his collection regularly.

Peter Vincent is "ready to do battle with the undead" as he brandishes a hefty stake, and a vampire Amy Peterson might tear out your heart - or your throat. Each figurine stands 5 1/2 inches tall with their base and they're priced at $40 for a painted resin cast or $20 unpainted.

In 2012, a seemingly-enthusiastic Amanda Bearse posed for a photo with Crawford and her Amy statuette.

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