Single Action Army

Colt Single Action Army

The Colt Single Action Army was the revolver that was used by Amy Peterson in the remake of Fright Night.

When Charley Brewster arrived in the penthouse of Peter Vincent, he passed by a glass case that held old firearms and this was the closest to the glass he saw. Later on when Ed Lee and Jerry Dandridge attack the penthouse, Amy is forced to get it out of it's case, then load it with 5 silver rounds. She cocked it and when she saw Jerry, she shot him with it; however the weapon proved ineffective against Jerry. He took out one of the bullets and said to Amy "Werewolves". She noticed a chalice of holy water in a glass casing, so she shattered the glass with the gun, grabbed the chalice and said "Vampires" before she splashed the blessed water over Jerry's face; in turn damaging him. She later dropped the gun on the floor and went to find Charley; who was battling Ed.

Behind the ScenesEdit


Amy with the gun shooting Dandridge

The Colt Single Action Army used in the movie was in fact an ornate version. It had a chrome metal finish with a pearl handle, as well as a 7.5 inch gun barrel. When Imogen Poots was on set with the gun, she loaded only 5 rounds into the gun, when in reality it's a six cylinder revolver. The weapon in real life is also chambered in the .45 Long Colt ammunition.