Vital statistics
Role Victim
Gender Female
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  • Human (formerly)
  • Vampire
  • Appearances Remake
    Played by Emily Montague

    Doris was a resident in the area where Charley and "Evil" Ed reside. It is said by Amy that "she's a stripper" though the main character thinks she's a "gogo dancer". She unwittingly accepts an invite into Jerry Dandrige's home and is taken hostage without anyone knowing. He then locks her in one of the secret rooms behind the closet where he feeds off of Doris for her blood, until she is drained and dies. Hours later when Charley finds her inside one of the rooms. He tries desperately to escape with Doris but as soon as the morning sun arose over the rooftops of the neighborhood,Doris burst into ash. Charley was left surprised and he quickly realized she was a vampire.