"Evil" Ed Lee
FN 82
Vital statistics
Role Neglected friend
Gender Male
Age 17 or 18
  • Human (Formerly)
  • Vampire
  • Appearances Remake
    Played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse

    Edward "Evil" Lee was the best friend of Charley Brewster until he started dating Amy Peterson and hanging out with the cool kids. He later gave in to the temptation of becoming a vampire.


    Ed is first seen in class looking at Charley and later after class he asks Charley if he can talk to him alone, away from the two bullies Mark and Ben. Evil then tells Charley that their friend Adam is not the only one 'missing' and he wants Charley to come with him to Adam's house to see if he's okay. He then blackmails Charley, saying if he refuses, Ed will put a video of him, Charley, and Adam dressing up as made up heroes online, something Charley doesn't want as he's trying to prove that he's 'cool' to Amy.

    Later, Ed waits for Charley at Adams house and when Charley doesn't show up or answer his phone Ed sends Charley a text message with a picture of Charlie dressed as Squid Man (Charley's superhero alter-ego from previous years) with the message "If not here in 10 min, this will go worldwide".

    When Charley shows up Ed berates him before they ring the door bell of Adam's house. Nobody answers so Ed uses a dog-door to break into the house, before opening the door for Charley. Ed opens his bag, which is full of anti-vampire weapons, and tells Charley that his neighbor Jerry Dandridge is a vampire.They start to look around Adam's house, and Ed continues, explaing that he and Adam rounded up all the murders, filmed Jerry and that he wants Charley to help him kill jerry in the morning. Charley doesn't believe him, and they argue. When Ed starts to insult Amy Charley pushes him onto the ground, leaving Ed shocked as Charley announces that his life got better when he stopped hanging out with him. 

    Jerry's OfferEdit

    Ed then rides home on his skateboard sad and depressed but is pushed off the street by Mark the bully. He tells Ed that he is on his side of the street and Ed tells Mark to punch him so he can go home. When Mark tried to punch him in the face, Ed dodged the punch, ran to a fence and jumped over it. He left his bag, which had his vampire killing equipment in it. It is then found by Mark.

    After Ed jumped over a few more fences and feels he is finally safe, he is confronted by Jerry. Ed then takes a stake out of his pocket and tells Jerry to back off. He throws a paint bucklet at a glass door since no one answered when he was screaming for help. When Ed gets in the house he tells Jerry that he is safe as no invitation means no entry, but Jerry walks in the house, which shocks Ed. Jerry says the house is abandoned and that he knows that Ed had been spying on him. He then says that he has also been watching Ed too. Ed then runs upstairs and goes into the bathroom, out the window, and into the backyard but Jerry was already out there sitting on a chair waiting for Ed.

    Scared of Jerry's presence, Ed trips into a pool and then takes out a small cross out of his jacket. Jerry tells Ed that he bit off more then he can chew. Ed then tells Jerry that he is busted and he will tell everyone who and what he is. Jerry walks into the pool telling Ed that he is different and asks him how can he be in a place like this with these people. He also claims that Ed is nothing to his former best friend. Jerry then tells Ed that he can make all the pain go away and Ed drops his guard, letting Jerry get close to him and biting him.

    Return & DeathEdit

    Later in the movie "Evil" Ed, now a vampire, is dressed as a delivery boy and is invited into Peter Vincent's penthouse where Charley and Amy are to try to figure out how to kill Jerry. Ed gets a call from Jerry and Ed lets him know that they are in Peter's penthouse. Charley tries to tell Ed that he is sorry but Ed tells Charlie that it's his fault he let Jerry turn him into a monster. Peter then grabs a small stake and tells Ed to back off, but Ed tells Peter that he has to get close to him in order for him to stab him. Peter runs into his panic room to hide but Evil chases after him and tries to grab him, but the door closes on Ed's arm. He loses half of his right arm, which then moves around in the panic room with a frightened Peter.

    "Evil" Ed then starts to look for Charley and Amy (Now Fully Vamped). Ed tells Charley that he can hear him breath and if Charley had listened to him, they could have "rocked this evil thing together". Charley and Amy push over some of Peter's vampire weapons collection on Ed, which knocks Ed to the ground. Ed gets up quickly and goes after Charley and Amy. Charley grabs a knife and tells Amy to run; Evil tells Charlie it's just the two of them. Ed grabs Charley and throws him on the ground. Charley ditches the knife and grabs a battle axe but Ed boasts that the axe won't help him because he is a killing machine. Charley attacks Ed with the axe but misses a few times before hitting Ed in the neck and nearly decapitating him.

    Ed then fixes his neck and tells Charley that bones are hard to cut. He breaks Charley's axe, knocks Charley to the ground, and tries to bite him. Amy knocks Ed off Charlie with a medieval flail. Ed gets up again but is wounded badly and Amy tells Charley to kill him since he is still a threat. Charley finally stabs Ed in the heart with the battle axe's broken handle. "Evil" Ed's last word's to Charlie are "It's ok Charley, it's okay." Then Ed turns to dust.


    • "I really hate to be the one to tell you this but that guy, your neighbor--" "Jerry." "Yeah, he's a vampire."
    • "Ok, Jerry."
    • "I didn't name him that; I am just reporting the facts!"
    • "This is real, okay! He's a real monster and he's not brooding, or lovesick, or noble -- he's the shark from Jaws! He kills, he feeds, and he doesn't stop until everyone around him is dead -- and I am so angry you think I read Twilight!"
    • "It's actually quite modern."
    • "Oh, you're so cool Brewster."
    • "Oh is that itsy, bitsy little sticky for me?"
    • "You enjoying your panic room Master of Darkness? God you're such a pussy. I love it."
    • "An invitation airhead!"
    • "Oh, do I have a problem? You let him get to me, man! You let him turn me into this!"
    • "I can hear your breathing. It's really fucking cool. I feel you... I can taste you."
    • "Oh nice, don't you got some sluts to go fuck?"
    • [Screams] "Holy shit! Hey, you took my arm!"
    • "Is this weird for you? Cause I'm feeling really homo right about now"
    • "Give it up Chuck! If you hadn't turned out to be such a dick, I might have tricked you out! We could've rocked this evil shit together!"
    • "I expected more of a fight from you Brewster. Girls made you lazy in the head; pussy'll do that."
    • "Oh it's just you and me now, buddy. Let's do this"
    • "Oh nice weapon there, Squid Boy! It's not going to do you much good though because I'm a goddamn killing machine!"
    • "Bone is a motherfucker, Chuckles; it's hard to cut."
    • "Bimbo's got some juice..."
    • "It's Ok Charley; it's Ok" ( Evil Ed's Last Words to Charlie)


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