Topps Fright Flicks Fright Night 1985 Amanda Bearse Package
Fright Flicks are a series of trading cards issued by the Topps corporation in 1988 which feature gory photographs from 15 popular horror films, including Fright Night.


Topps had found great success in the mid-1980s with their gross-out Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, and with horror movies reaching a pinnacle of mainstream success and marketability, it seems natural that Topps wanted to cash in on the phenomena. Their Fright Flicks series included many gruesome stills from 15 horror movies tagged with comedic captions. In total there were 90 cards and 11 stickers in the set. The backs of the cards featured "Did It Ever Happen?," a series of corny urban legend-like short stories; the sticker-backs feature pieces of a collage puzzle. The store display box featured Freddy Krueger asking kids if they "wanna see something gross."

The set included ten Fright Night cards, one sticker, and one package featuring a caricature of Amy Peterson. The cards are inexpensive and easy to find online.


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