Fright Night (Comic Adaptation 1)
Fright Night the Comic Series 1 Page 1 Image 0001
Fright Night #1
Fright Night Comics
Title Fright Night #1
Series Fright Night
Issue # 1
Release Date October 1988
Pages 36
Written by Joe Gentile
Pencils Lenin Delsol
Inker Jeff Dee
Letterer Kurt Hathaway
Colorist Nanette Injeski
Cover Artist Lenin Delsol & JR
Editor Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-in-Chief Tony Caputo
Art Director {{{art}}}
Followed By Fright Night #2

Fright Night is a 1988 comic story released by NOW Comics.

Plot Edit

Charley Brewster discovers his new neighbor, Jerry Dandrige, is a vampire but no one will believe him. His friends enlist horror movie star Peter Vincent to convince Charley he's delusional, but buddy Evil Ed later discovers that Charley was right.


Notes Edit

  • This is a fairly straight adaptation of the movie, which ends as Evil Ed is bitten by Jerry.
  • The comic ends with a 6-page story called "By the Numbers," scripted by Robert Borski, penciled by Brandon Peterson and inked by Dennis Jensen. The story revolves around a psychiatrist dealing with a mental patient who believes he's a werewolf.
  • In the February 1988 issue of "Now Comics News," it was announced that the adaptation of the first film was going to be released as a high-quality "prestige format" graphic novel, issue #2 would be an adaptation of the second film, and that would be followed by issues with original stories. What ultimately happened, however, is the adaptation of the original movie got split across the first two issues and Fright Night Part II was issued as a stand-alone prestige format book (featuring a story which was not canonical with the rest of the series).


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