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Fright Night #2
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Fright Night Comics
Title Fright Night #2
Series NOW Comics
Issue # 2
Release Date November 1988
Pages 36
Written by Joe Gentile
Pencils Lenin Delsol
Inker David Mowry
Letterer Kurt Hathaway
Colorist Nanette Injeski
Cover Artist Jim Reddington
Editor Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-in-Chief Tony Caputo
Art Director {{{art}}}
Follows Fright Night #1
Followed By The Dead Remember

Fright Night #2 is a 1988 comic story released by NOW Comics.


Vampire Jerry Dandrige is in hot pursuit of Charley Brewster and his friends. When Charley's girlfriend Amy is kidnapped by the monster, it's up to the teenage boy and horror movie star Peter Vincent to foil Dandrige's plans.



  • This is a fairly straight adaptation of the movie, which begins immediately after Evil Ed is bitten by Jerry.
  • Because the film adaptation was originally intended to be published as a single issue, the page number begins with #22. There is no other indication in the book that a story preceded it.
  • The book ends with a blurb that states: Next Issue: The Return of Evil Ed? An all-new adventure! Ultimately Evil Ed did return, but not until issue #8, The Revenge of Evil Ed!.


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