Fright Night the Comic Series 3-D 03
Fright Night 3-D Halloween Annual, aka Nightmares, is a comic book published in 1993 by NOW Comics, which was originally intended to be published in 2-D as issue #23 of the original series.


When evil sorceress Jessamyn Beuregard conjures a flock of demonic harpies, it's up to the Anti-Monster Society to save the day.




  • This was intended to be issue #23 of the original series, but the completed story went unpublished when Now Comics filed for bankruptcy in 1990.
  • The issue was distributed with a pair of red and blue Anaglyph 3D glasses.
  • The other 3-D reprints feature 3D centerfolds of the original cover artwork. Since this story hadn't been published before, the centerfold is the same as the front cover.

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