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Fright Night 3-D is a 3D reprint of the comic books Psychedelic Death Parts 1 and 2 published in 1992 by NOW Comics.


As Peter's lost movie Psychedelic Death plays on TV, aliens plot their invasions of earth, so it's up to Derek the bartender to spread the news and Evil Ed to save the world.



  • Writer - Tony Caputo
  • Penciller - Neil Vokes
  • Inker - David Mowry
  • Letterer - Dan Nakrosis & Andrea Albert
  • Edited - Joan M. Weis
  • Cover - John Stangeland & Joe Koziarski
  • 3-D Conversions - Bob Staake & Apartment 3-D


  • This reprint of "Psychedelic Death" is the first of four 3-D issues of Fright Night to be published annually by the Now Entertainment Corporation after NOW Comics folded in 1990.
  • The issue was distributed with a pair of red and blue Anaglyph 3D glasses.
  • Psychedelic Death, Part 1 ended and Part 2 began with virtually the same frame: Derek looking in a mirror and realizing his boss casts the reflection of an alien. For this reprint, they opted to use the smaller frame from Part 1, though the text was slightly altered.

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