Fright Night the Comic Series Part 2 Front and Back

Fright Night Part II is a 1988 comic story released by NOW Comics.

Plot Edit

Convinced that his encounter with vampire Jerry Dandrige was a delusion, Charley Brewster is in for a rude awakening when Regine Dandrige and her posse come to town seeking revenge against him and Peter Vincent.


  • Adapted by Matthew Costello
  • Penciled by Lenin Delsol
  • Inked by Mark Pennington
  • Lettered by Kurt Hathaway
  • Painted by Tom Gianni, Suzanne Dechnik, Katherine Llewellyn & Patrick Owsley
  • Edited by Katherine Llewellyn
  • Editor in Chief: Tony Caputo

Notes Edit

  • Originally the comic adaptation of the first film was intended to be released as a stand-alone graphic novel and this adaptation was to kick off the monthly series. Ultimately the original movie's story was split across the first two issues of the monthly comic and this adaptation was issued as a stand-alone graphic novel.
  • Characters and events from this story were never referenced in the monthly comic series.
  • This book features wraparound cover art with Regine Dandrige on the front and Peter Vincent on the back.
  • The cover adds to the confusion surrounding the film's title. On-screen the title is "Fright Night Part 2," but this book utilizes the Roman Numeral "II."
  • The book sat on Detective Mel Mudd's desk and the cover hung on a wall in NOW Comics' 1989 movie "The What NOW Caper."


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