Fright Night TV Guide ad by Jeff Zornow

Fright Rags is a company which produces high-quality, limited-edition T-shirts adorned with original artwork based on horror movies. To date they have released three Fright Night shirts, all of which are currently unavailable - though the company does re-release shirts monthly by popular demand. Although the company's designs aren't officially licensed by the studios, Fright Night writer/director Tom Holland has openly endorsed Fright Rags, and cast and crew members have sported their apparel at various public appearances.

TV Guide AdEdit

First released in 2009, artist Jeff Zarnow conceived his first shirt as a TV Guide ad for Peter Vincent's fictional Fright Night series, boasting the double-feature "Dracula's Blood Slaves" and "Vampires from Hell's Morgue." A print of this artwork can be seen hanging on Tom Holland's wall in various interviews.

Welcome to Fright Night for Real!Edit

Welcome to Fright Night..

Welcome to Fright Night...For Real!

The second shirt that Zornow designed was a portrait of a ghoulish Jerry Dandridge, and the back of the shirt declared "Welcome to Fright Night... For Real!" To promote the release, Fright Rags got writer director Tom Holland to film an introduction to a video which shows the art morphing from conception to the final product.

Oh, You're So Cool, Brewster!Edit

The most popular Fright Rags shirt features the iconic image of a screaming Evil Ed a moment after being burned by Peter Vincent's crucifix. Most of the principal cast/crew of the original film have been spotted sporting the shirt at reunions and horror conventions.


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