Fright Night Geometric Resin Model Kit Bat 2

Geometric Design began releasing Fright Night model kits in 1991.

Amy & Vampire BatEdit

Issued in 1991 were models of a vamped-out and standing Amy Peterson, and the Vampire Bat hovering above the staircase. Created in low supply for a then-extremely-niche market, the models are fairly rare and are generally priced upwards of $100 if they're mint in box.

The Bust CollectionEdit

The company collapsed briefly but later returned with a line of busts which are still available. The collection includes Peter Vincent and vampire versions of Amy Peterson, Evil Ed and Jerry Dandrige. These models retail for $64.99[1] but can often be found slightly cheaper.

Fright Night HouseEdit

The Fright Night house was not issued by Geometric Design, but rather created as a companion piece for the Geometric busts by The Mad Monster Maker.[2] The structure is modeled after the Victorian house featured in the poster art, but the trees deviate and the house is surrounded by a cobblestone path. Unassembled it's priced at $150, built and painted it's priced at $250.[3]


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