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Jerry Dandrige
"Hey, guy."
Vital statistics
Role Primary Villain
Gender Male
Age 400+ Years
Race Vampire
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Appearances Remake
Played by Colin Farrell

Jerry Dandrige is the primary antagonist of Fright Night. He is a malicious vampire residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He is portrayed externally as an "incredibly masculine, rough, blue-collared" kind of man whilst possessing a warm, charismatic persona internally. With his charming demeanor and reputation as a handyman, he quickly becomes the object of interest for many, having the ability to attract almost anyone around the neighborhood. He uses his seemingly harmless qualities to his advantage, for they are a successful ruse for luring in his victims. Little do any of them realize, however, the dark secrets that this hot and handsome new stranger is hiding behind closed doors, nor the terror that he's on the verge of unleashing upon the once idyllic neighborhood.


Not much is know of Jerry's historical background. Explicit details over Jerry’s past are not provided in great measure. Most of what is known was either revealed through tentative dialogue or inferred through details and context throughout the film. At one point during the story, Peter Vincent goes into certain details with Charley and Amy about his origins. He is said to have originated around the Mediterranean Coast over hundreds of years ago. It is presumable that his national and ethnical heritages derive from one or more of the countries surrounding the area. The country in which he was born is unknown. During Charley's time scouting through Jerry's home it can be seen that it is furnished in a simple fashion. When he arrives to Jerry's study on the second floor, a collection of many old books, trinkets and relics are on display. Among the antiquities is a banner with an ominous coat-of-arms type insignia featuring a faceless helmed figure with seraph-like wings, a five pointed star over it's chest and a ribbon framing the bottom, all set against a dark background with heraldric marks in the upper corners. This symbol would later be used as the primary source to reveal Jerry's particular vampire breed.

Upon further investigation, it can be seen that Jerry's closet is full of clothes from various different trades including a parcel delivery service outfit, military attire and police uniform, among others. These were most likely obtained from previous “cover” jobs, but perhaps many of them were forcibly taken from hapless victims from the past for Jerry's own personal use.


The Epitome of Sexy, Colin Farrell as the hot Jerry Dandridge: