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"That was one fucked-up night."
Vital statistics
Role Minor
Gender Male
Age Late Teens
Race Human
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Appearances Remake
Played by Dave Franco

Mark is a minor character in the 2011 remake of Fright Night, played by Dave Franco. 


He was a high school student, a popular friend of Charley's with a habit of bullying others, even ones that he is allegedly friends with. He fancies himself a bit of a ladies man and smokes weed. He frequently picked on Ed Lee, and was the last person to see him as a human before Jerry attacked him. He and his best friend Ben were stoners; they were hanging out in Mark's car getting high when Jerry approached them. Mark urged Ben to hide their marijuana before rolling down the window.  Jerry then attacked him, his blood spraying across Ben's face and the inside of the car. Ben soon followed.

Later, when Charley and Peter Vincent go to confront Jerry in his lair, Mark is seen among Jerry's other vampire progeny. Mark and the others help to attack and feed on Peter, then surround Charley and Peter while they hide in a patch of sunlight. When Charley stakes Jerry with the stake blessed by St. Michael, Mark reverts back to a human with the rest of Jerry's victims. While Amy, Charley, and Peter celebrate their survival, Mark is shown commenting, "That was a fucked up night."