Fright Night the Comic Series 13
Pup Pet is a comic book published in November 1989 by NOW Comics.


A little girl amasses an unusual collection of pets.



  • Writer/Cover - Mark Wheatley
  • Penciller - Neil Vokes
  • Inker - Damon Willis
  • Letterer - Katherine Mayer
  • Art Director - Michele Mach
  • Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo


  • This is a one-off in which Charley and Peter have no direct involvement with the main storyline, it's a movie that Charley is hosting while Peter is off filming "Vampire from the Sea."
  • The credits are modeled after movie credits.
  • This issue includes a pull-out poster of Roddy McDowall on the set of Fright Night Part 2.


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