Reign of Terror
Fright Night the Comic Series 22
Fright Night Comics
Title Reign of Terror
Series Fright Night
Issue # 22
Release Date August 1990
Pages 36
Written by Diane M. Piron
Pencils Kevin West
Inker John Stangeland
Letterer Patrick Williams
Colorist NOW Staffers
Cover Artist Hannibal King
Editor Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-in-Chief Tony Caputo
Art Director Michele Mach
Follows Were-Wolf, There-Wolf
Followed By Nightmares

Reign of Terror is a comic book published in August 1990 by NOW Comics.


Jerry Dandridge has begun amassing an army of Parisian prostitute vampires, so everyone agrees that he must be destroyed. Evil Ed tries to enlist Charley and Peter to help to kill Dandrige but when they refuse to join him, he decides to go after Jerry alone.



  • The reason for Jerry amassing a new legion of vampires was never explained and his ultimate fate remains unknown.
  • Strangely, Evil Ed's entourage (Dana Roberts, Donna & Jane) do not appear in this issue, nor or they referenced.
  • This is the final regular issue of the series, though running storylines were never tied up. The Scarlet Letters column proclaims: "Next Month: Old Enemies, Ancient Monsters!" The issue, titled "Nightmares," was completed, but unfortunately Now Comics filed for bankruptcy and production of all of their titles were halted. The company returned a few years later and "Nightmares" was ultimately published in 3-D as Fright Night 3-D Halloween Annual in 1993. Although sequentially it follows this story, it does not focus on the Jerry Dandrige plot.
  • The cover is credited to artist Eric Brant but it's clearly signed "Hannibal '90." This is yet another crediting error and the real artist was Hannibal King, who was working on NOW's extremely short-lived vampire series "Bats, Cats and Cadillacs" around the same time.


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