The Dead Remember
Fright Night Comic 3 The Dead Remember
Fright Night Comics
Title The Dead Remember
Series NOW Comics
Issue # 3
Release Date December 1988
Pages 36
Written by James Van Hise
Pencils Lenin Delsol
Inker David Mowry
Letterer Kurt Hathaway
Colorist Katherine Llewellyn
Cover Artist Lenin Delsol
Editor Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-in-Chief Tony Caputo
Art Director {{{art}}}
Follows Fright Night #2
Followed By Eight Arms to Hold You

The Dead Remember is the first original Fright Night comic story released in December 1988 by NOW Comics.

Plot Edit

Deadly "brain bats" begin latching onto people's heads and taking possession of their bodies, so it's up to Peter Vincent and Charley Brewster to save the day.

Notes Edit

  • This is the first original story of the series.
  • The script was written by James Van Hise - but it was incorrectly credited to Joe Gentile (who adapted the film for the first two issues) - and portions of Van Hise's dialogue were accidentally omitted by the letterer. These goofs carried over to the 1993 reprint.
  • This issue ends with an unrelated 4-page story titled "Revenge of the Vengeful Avenger" which revolves around a man who's killed by his business associates and subsequently returns from the dead for revenge.
  • This issue was reprinted in 1993 (sans color) as the "Fright Night 3-D Winter Special".



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