Fright Night the Comic Series 15
The Resurrection of Dracula, Part 2 is a comic book published in January 1990 by NOW Comics.


The experimental play has been a resounding failure, Natalia’s life in jeopardy, her Aunt shows up to unmask the doctor as a fraud, and Peter ‘Van Helsing’ decides to save the day.



  • Written and Edited by Katherine Llewellyn
  • Co-Plotted and Penciled by Neil Vokes
  • Inked by David Mowry
  • Lettered by Patrick Williams
  • Colored by Tammy Daniel
  • Art Direction by Michele Mach
  • Cover by Neil Vokes and Tammy Daniel
  • Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo


  • Boris Christopher was modeled after Christopher Lee.[1]
  • Evil Ed sings "Welcome to the Jungle," a popular song by Guns N' Roses.
  • Reprinted in 3-D as Fright Night 3-D Fall Special in 1992. In this version, the covers for both issues appeared as a double-sided pull-out 3-D poster.
  • The original black-and-white cover art sold at Heritage Auctions in March 2014 for $70.



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