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The Revenge of Evil Ed!
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Fright Night Comics
Title The Revenge of Evil Ed!
Series Fright Night
Issue # 8
Release Date June 1989
Pages 36
Written by Tony Caputo
Pencils Neil Vokes
Inker John Stangeland
Letterer Kurt Hathaway
Colorist Katherine Llewellyn
Cover Artist
Editor Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-in-Chief Tony Caputo
Art Director
Follows The Legion of the Endless Night (Conclusion)
Followed By The Revenge of Evil Ed! (Conclusion)

[[Image:|250px|right|#8 The Revenge of Evil Ed!]]The Revenge of Evil Ed! is a comic book published in June 1989 by NOW Comics.


The new DJ at "The Club" is actually Evil Ed, who seems hellbent on screwing with Charley Brewster's head. Meanwhile Charley learns that his new girlfriend Natalia's father was killed by a vampire.



  • From this point on, Natalia Hinnault is Charley's girlfriend and Evil Ed, Derek Jones, Dana Roberts, Donna and Jane each recur.
  • The first of two issues with Stephen Geoffreys' photo adorning the cover.  He is the only actor from the films to have photos grace the covers, though issue #13, Pup Pet, included a partial-photo cover and a pull-out photo-centerfold of Roddy McDowall .
  • The character design for Evil Ed greatly deviates from the first two issues of the comic, which more closely resembled actor Stephen Geoffreys.
  • The issue ends with Evil Ed howling with laughter over the newspaper headline, "Fright Night Host Arrested for Breaking Into Gay Bar with Young Man."  This is a tad incongruous because in real-life actor Stephen Geoffreys (Evil Ed) is gay, as was Roddy McDowall (Peter Vincent).
  • This is the first issue written by Tony Caputo, founder of Now Comics.
  • This is the first issue with art by Neil Vokes. Vokes was asked to pencil some issues of Speed Racer for NOW Comics, which he had no interest in, but agreed on the proviso that he could also draw Fright Night, which he cites as a personal favorite film.[1]



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