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Tom Holland's Terror Time is a website where Fright Night creator Holland sells autographed merchandise and memorabilia to fans who are unable to attend conventions and signings. This is the site's third incarnation following Twisted Curios and TnT Presents.

Twisted CuriosEdit

In the wake of his FearNet anthology series Tom Holland's Twisted Tales, the writer/director launched Tom Holland's Twisted Curios in September 2012.[1][2] Twisted Curios included DVDs and blu-rays of many of the writer/director's films, T-shirts, art prints by Todd Robey and Clint Carney, Chucky dolls, the original 78 page treatment for The Beast Within, and true oddities like the blueprints for the sets from Fright Night and action figure/sculpture diorama recreations of scenes from the film[3] which set fans back a whopping $899. The site went defunct in mid-2014.

TnT PresentsEdit

In December 2014, a new site was launched called TnT Presents. On this incarnation, directors Tom Holland and Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs) offered numbered, limited edition DVDs, blu-rays, photographs and a variety of original extras autographed by themselves and various cast members.[4] Initial offerings included Holland's "Child's Play," Sullivan's cult-classic "A Christmas Treat" and the uncut version of Sullivan's gay musical-horror-comedy "I Was a Teenage Werebear" (previously featured in the anthology "Chillerama").[5][6] Originally it was announced that TnT was releasing a Fright Night package, but it didn't come to fruition until after Sullivan "departed to work on his own projects" in March. Holland soldiered on, a new domain was created, and the title of the official Facebook page was changed to Terror Time.

Terror TimeEdit

Third time's a charm? Following Sullivan's departure, the Facebook page came alive with behind-the-scenes photos from Holland's films, as well as horror news, videos and birthday tributes for a vast array of horror icons (Alfred Hitchock's birthday was celebrated with a scan of his death certificate). To promote the site, Holland did a photo shoot with various monsters and props from Fright Night which adorn his Facebook pages.

The new Terror Time site offered the same TnT edition of "Child's Play" and some of the same photos previously available, but it evolved to include more autographed movies ("The Beast Within," "Class of 1984," "Psycho II," "We All Scream for Ice Cream," etc.), screenplays, limited edition CD soundtracks, mini-posters and the option for fans to send their own memorabilia to Holland for him to autograph. Photos of Holland holding the signed merchandise are made available upon request.

Terror Time is updated frequently, and they've had various holiday themed sales -- for example on Mother's Day 2015, memorabilia from Psycho II was discounted and available in a bundled package,[7] and a set of 3 mini-posters were offered in a bundle on Memorial Day weekend.[8] Limited edition merchandise is only available until the stash runs out.

Fright NightEdit

In April 2015, Holland began selling the 30th anniversary edition blu-ray of Fright Night which had sold out on pre-orders in less than 48 hours during the final days of 2014. Three different packages were made available: a copy signed by Holland ($99.99),[9] one featuring signatures of Holland and five cast members ($149.99),[10] and an "Ultimate Collector's Set" which also included two group photos (including a reunion shot with Sullivan, who moderated the audio commentaries) autographed by the cast ($199.99).[11] In addition to the blu-ray, there are two versions of the script available: Holland's September 1984 "final draft",[12] and a version with some revisions dated November '84.[13] In the photos section there's an on-set photo of Holland with the cast which has been autographed by everyone (except the late Roddy McDowall);[14] a photo of Holland directing Chris Sarandon;[15] and one of him relaxing on-set with McDowall.[16]

Child's PlayEdit

The other big point of interest at Terror Time is Holland's 1988 classic "Child's Play." Although commentaries and other extras have been created for the film's home media releases, Holland was never invited to participate. First issued through TnT, "Child's Play: The Tom Holland Experience" is an all-region blu-ray which includes an alternate cover signed by Holland and stars Chris Sarandon and Alex Vincent, a set of 8 collectible trading cards autographed by the trio, and a CD with an audio commentary by Holland and Chris Sarandon. The commentary was made available for sale as a $0.99 mp3, and excess cards showed up in the sale page. Also available are copies of the out of print CD soundtrack signed by Holland and composer Joe Renzetti, the script, mini-posters and various photographs.

Chucky's AdventuresEdit

In May 2015, Holland went on a trip to Florida and took a Chucky doll along for the ride. For further promotion, he snapped humorous photos of the doll and uploaded them to his Facebook page with the Terror Time logo and the hashtags "Chucky's Adventures" and "Chucky's Tropical Getaway."


When Holland began working on his Twilight Zoneish FearNet series Twisted Tales, he realized that a few of his scripts were unfilmable on the budget he had to work with. He then revised and expanded four scripts into short stories and marketed them on amazon for $0.99 as Tom Holland's Untold Tales. Only two of the stories are currently available at Terror Time, though the other two have been promoted through the Facebook page as for sale at amazon.

With its Metropolis-inspired cover, Suzie-69 concerns a man who's getting it on with a robot,[17] The Boy is the story of a child who can cure the sick and raise the dead with a single touch;[18] Shrunk tells of a husband who uses a voodoo doll on his wife,[19] and Glitter is the story of a greedy woman who concocts a plan to obtain an expensive diamond ring.[20]

Joe DanteEdit

On May 26, 2015, a vague message was left on the Facebook page for a forthcoming May 29th announcement about "Terror Time's newest signer," cited as one of the Masters of Horror. "This one requires you to follow 3 rules...," they teased. Presumably this was in reference to Joe Dante, the director of Gremlins, whose autographed merchandise will soon be available through Terror Time... unless the dude who created this page has made a hideous blunder. Check back on the 29th to find out. Anyone who orders from Terror Time between the 26th to 29th will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of an unnamed blu-ray autographed by this unnamed director...


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