Tony C Caputo The What NOW Comics Caper 1989
Tony C. Caputo (born December 23, 1957) is an American author, visual artist, entrepreneur, and former publisher, who was the mastermind behind NOW Comics.[1]


In 1985, Caputo founded NOW Comics[1] and NOW Entertainment Corporation,[2] a multimedia company that published comic books, children's periodicals, trade paperback books, and home videos of such characters as Speed Racer, the Terminator, The Real Ghostbusters, Mr. T & the T-Force, and The Green Hornet.[3] He also wrote scripts and provided illustrations for some of characters' comics. Caputo ran NOW until 1994,[4] briefly reviving the company from 2003–2005. While working there, he authored the graphic novel Vespers,[2] and wrote an article on the American comic book market,[5] which included detailed market share reports for the first time.[6]

In 2004, Caputo created the Draw for Battle card game.[7] Caputo left the entertainment business in 1994,[4] and moved into information technology, first with Ahrens Interactive in 1995, and then with HyperLOCK in 1996.[8]

Since 2010, he has worked for IBM on Homeland Security projects for the City of Chicago and New York City.[9]

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Caputo's nonfiction books include How To Self-Publish Your Own Comic Book (Watson-Guptill), Visual Storytelling: The Art and the Technique,[10] Build Your Own Server (McGraw-Hill) and Digital Video Surveillance and Security (Elsevier/Reed). His articles have been published by Tech Republic, [11] and the Chicago Tribune.


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