I'm a one thousand year old vampire from Transylvania. My true name is unknown, but I am the primary antagonist of the original Fright Night movie and the remake.[edit | edit source]

I'm a vampire who moves to Rancho Corvalis for unknown reasons and begins killing random people. Things are going well for me until my neighbor, a young teenager named Charley Brewster, discovers my secret and begins a mission to destroy me. Fortunately for Me, nobody believes Charley.[edit | edit source]

I visit Charley, invited into the house by his mother Judy, where I tell Charley to keep my secret or he will be killed. Ignoring his ultimatum, Charley stabs Me with a pencil and I flee. Subsequently, I kidnap Charley's girlfriend Amy Peterson and turns his best friend Evil Ed into a vampire. So begins the hunt to kill Me, as Peter Vincent is the only person willing to help Charley on his mission.

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