Were-Wolf, There-Wolf
Fright Night the Comic Series 21
Fright Night #21
Fright Night Comics
Title Were-Wolf, There-Wolf
Series Fright Night
Issue # 21
Release Date July 1990
Pages 36
Written by Diane M. Piron
Pencils Kevin West
Inker John Stangeland
Letterer Joseph Allen & Patrick Williams
Colorist Suzanne & Holly
Cover Artist Jeff Starling
Editor Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-in-Chief Tony Caputo
Art Director Michele Mach
Follows The Charge of the Dead Brigade
Followed By Reign of Terror

Were-Wolf, There Wolf is a comic book published in July 1990 by NOW Comics.


When Charley has his soul transferred into the body of a wolf, he has trouble convincing Peter, Natalia and Aunt Claudia that he's more than just an average pet.



  • In this issue, we learn that one of Peter's films is titled "Werewolf of Moldavia."


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